Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Unapologetic Fan

Earlier this week HoCo blogger Duane St. Claire took issue with Raven’s fans behavior during the nationally televised Sunday night game against the Patriots. He wrote that he “couldn't help but think that this isn't something that I would want my kids to experience.”

If his kids weren’t in bed when that chant started late in the fourth quarter then they are likely old enough to have heard much worse in their own schoolyard, or even in the current presidential race.

It isn’t like this happens all the time either. Ravens fans are hardly the most rowdy fans in the NFL. A ranking of rowdy fans earlier this year by Bleacher Report put the Baltimore crowd at nine out of fifteen. It takes a lot to provoke us to profanity and after three plus quarters of bad calls by the NFL's replacement officials we were simply pushed over the edge. 

I suspect that all football fans watching all across the nation empathized with the Baltimore fans late Sunday night too. The bad officiating in this game was merely a prelude to the debacle on the Monday night game between the Seahawks and the Packers.

Perhaps this just isn’t Duane’s sport. That’s okay but his criticism of the Baltimore football fan behavior is simply unfair. After all, you’ll never see me complaining about the smell of patchouli at a hootenanny.
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