Monday, September 24, 2012

The Bullying Bandwagon

The anti bullying effort seems to attracting a cadre of what one loco wag calls “tragedtunists,” someone who sees opportunity in tragedy. First there was Brian Meshkin with this shtick and then, late last week, I spotted this sign on the back of a car on Dobbin Road, promoting something called Breaking the Silence Now. The only thing on the website so far is the name and address of a guy in Hagerstown and something called My Best Friends Magazine.

The biggest tragedtunist however, might just be Mark Harvey. He’s the doofus who ran out on the field at the Ravens/Patriots game last night wearing a cape with an anti-bullying message stenciled to his bare chest. The whole scene was filmed by someone associated his anti-bullying website.

The problem with these self promotion efforts is that they take away from the serious efforts like the one launched by the Columbia Association and the HoCo library with an assist from Ray Rice. If these tragedtunists really wanted to do something about bullying they could just as easily get behind an effort like this rather than attempting to turn the spotlight on themselves.

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