Saturday, August 11, 2012

Defending Liz, Slightly

It was fortunate that there were at least three engaging individuals on the podcast this week. I wasn’t one of them. From flubbing the opening news story about the accordion bomb scare to mistakenly putting the Sikh temple tragedy in Illinois instead of Wisconsin I just didn’t bring my A game Friday.

It didn’t matter. Paul and our two guests were strong enough to carry the show. This is the second time we’ve had Roger (“The Rog”) Caplan and Chris (“Ox”) Oxenham and it certainly won’t be the last. These two guys hadn’t met until we first put them together for our version of politics from the left and the right. Roger is a hired gun loco politico consultant working mostly for the Dems. I say mostly because at heart I think he sees himself more as a political mercenary. In fact Roger played a role in helping Chuck Ecker upset Liz Bobo for county executive back in 1990.

And speaking of Liz, Chris Oxenham, no fan of liberal politicians, uncharacteristically came to Liz’s defense for deciding to skip the special session on gambling completely. “Let me do something crazy and defend Liz Bobo on this one, slightly.”

That may be a first and a last.

Chris Oxenham is a Repub operative. I first met Chris when he was helping Delegate Warren Miller in his reelection campaign and now he’s helping out Allan Kittleman in his exploratory campaign for county executive. He’s also promoting Bob Ballinger in his quest for a seat on the school board.

Despite their opposing political views, Chris and Rog have a nice chemistry together, particularly in this type of freewheeling format.

There was also a surreal moment when I asked Rog if perhaps the real goal of extending council term limits was to try and entice Courtney Watson not to challenge Guy Guzzone in a primary. As if on cue, a brief moment of silence was followed by a piano somewhere in the background tapping out about three single notes.

You can listen to the 71st episode of “and then there’s that” here.
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