Thursday, July 05, 2012

Failing Grades for HoCo Dems

Although it is probably not a report card that they care all that much about, our HoCo statehouse Dems didn’t fare that well in the annual Roll Call report card from Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG). The annual rankings call attention to legislators “attitudes toward business, jobs, economic growth, and investment in the state…”

As I wrote in this post two years ago, MBRG ranks the elected officials based on their votes on business legislation, including committee votes.

“In order to compare a legislator’s score with his or her colleagues, both Senate and House members have been ranked by percentiles. The percentile represents where a legislator’s 2012 MBRG % rating ranks in relation to other legislators’ ratings.”

Delegate Frank Turner scored the lowest, earning a 0% for 2012, followed by Guy Guzzone with a 1%. Delegates Jimmy Malone and Liz Bobo were both ranked at 14% while Shane Pendergrass  got 46%.

The most biz friendly HoCo Dem in the General Assembly was Steven DeBoy at 60%. Senator Ed Kasemeyer scored 50% and Senator Jim Robey, 34%. For Jim this was actually a huge improvement over 2010 when he was given a 2% score.

The Dems seem to heading in the wrong direction on making Maryland more business friendly.

The Repubs fared much better in the Roll Call scoring. Senator Allan Kittleman received 76% and Delegates Warren Miller and Gail Bates each got a 72%.

Since I began paying attention, these numbers rarely fluctuate all that dramatically. As long as Maryland remains a one party state, there is probably little chance of change in the Old Line State's business climate.

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