Monday, July 23, 2012

General Alexander and the Hackers

General Keith Alexander, Director of NSA and Commander of the U.S. Cyber Command will travel to Las Vegas next week to speak at Def Con, the 20th annual hacker conclave. According to this story by Timothy W. Coleman in, the gathering “has become a Mecca of sorts for those interested in groundbreaking developments and nefarious possibilities within the computer security and cyber realm.”

It could present an awkward moment for the four star general.

“Attendees are encouraged to make a scene and yell out that they spotted a Fed. An interview of the suspect will take place and an informal vote will be conducted, as to the likely veracity of the attendee being a so-called Fed.  It’s meant to be in good fun and if the Fed is ousted a tee shirt is awarded to the accuser (“I spotted the fed!”) and to the Fed (“I am the fed!”).”

I’ll bet he gets a t-shirt.
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