Sunday, July 08, 2012

Sunsets and Salmon

Last nights sunset was a real beauty. We first grasped its magnificence as we exited Route 100 at Long Gate around 8:25 PM last night. Mama Wordbones immediately began suggesting places to pull over and take a picture. She was thinking of you.

“You should take a picture for your blog,” she suggested.

I love it when she thinks of To2C. I wouldn’t exactly call her a regular reader. She’s sort of blog neutral.

She was right about the sunset though. It was picture perfect. I decided to head for high ground, Glen Mar Church on New Cut Road.
And speaking of salmon…

I’m not a fan. I enjoy an occasional piece of salmon sushi but otherwise I find the fish unappealing. This is not good. Salmon is good for you. I always try to balance the bad stuff I put into my body with some good stuff. Salmon is good stuff. I feel a need to like it.

That’s why I was intrigued by the salmon on a plank.

One of my joys at Wegmans is the seafood section. As someone whose cooking skills are limited, I appreciate the pre packaged cook and serve offerings of tuna, tilapia, and salmon to name a few. The salmon on a plank caught my eye. For eight bucks I had to give it a try.

It was excellent.
I soaked my plank, coated the fish with spices provided and dropped it on the grill. In about ten minutes it was ready. When I do this again I’ll apply the spices a little more liberally. I was way too conservative with the dry rub. They give you more than enough and it's exquisite.

There’s hope for me and salmon yet.

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