Friday, July 13, 2012

Rescue Charge

Yesterday, at Arundel Mills, I ran across this free cell phone charging station sponsored by Toyota. My first instinct was to dismiss this as nothing short of gimmick. I just couldn’t imagine anyone standing there for an hour or more waiting for their phone to recharge and it certainly wouldn’t be wise to leave a phone charging while you went off and shopped.

Then I read the instructions. This is an emergency charger. Its only purpose is giving your phone a temporary boost with a fifteen minute charge. I immediately thought of my teenaged daughter. It is easy to imagine how a day at the mall, texting and talking with abandon, could drain the juice out of a phone and leave her incommunicado. A fifteen visit with the charging station would be enough to restore her mobile lifeline.

It’d be nice to see one of these in every mall.
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