Saturday, July 07, 2012

Cool Walk

The only way to enjoy the outdoors during a heat wave is either by staying up late or getting out early. This morning I opted for the latter as I set out at 7:30 on a four mile trek from my house to Main Street Ellicott City and back.
As I wound my way past the Worthington Dog Park, the mercury had already climbed past the mid seventies but there was also a light breeze. Soon, I was in the shaded confines of New Cut Road and it was just like any other summer day, warm but not oppressive. Although there isn’t a sidewalk or much of shoulder on New Cut, at this time of morning I saw just as many cyclists as I did cars.
I passed a couple of runners too.
Before long I reached the outskirts of the historic district and worked my way down to the Bean Hollow coffee shop for a quick coffee and perusal of the morning paper. The heat wave made the front page, above the fold.

Before heading back home, I stopped and snapped of picture of an artist painting a picture as part of this years Paint It! Ellicott City!
For the return trip I headed up College Avenue, a decidedly steeper route than New Cut. The developers of a housing development called Autumn River are installing a new traffic circle on College near Sheppard Pratt. The work has been stalled as they wait for BGE to move the old poles that are now in the relocated road. I imagine that this work is a little low on the utilities priority list right now.
By the time I turned back into my neighborhood, the temp has climbed to the mid eighties and I was ready to reenter a climate controlled world. For me anyway, the best part of the day was over.

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