Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Statehouse Report Card

Delegate Steven DeBoy could be the poster child for a legislator who is able to balance economic and environmental interests in Annapolis. In yet another report card released today on statehouse legislators, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters gave the Elkridge Dem a 100% rating. In the MBRG report card issued last week, DeBoy received a 60% making him the highest scoring of fellow HoCo Dems in that pro business barometer.

Guy Guzzone, Frank Turner and Shane Pendergrass also received 100% scores from the MLCV.

This time around it was the HoCo Repubs who got the bad grades. Senator Allan Kittleman and Delegate Gail Bates both got a 0% score from the environmental group. Perhaps Allan's defense of Eastern Shore chicken farmers didn’t sit that well with the greenies. Warren Miller fared just a little better with a 14% score.

Overall the HoCo Dems earned good grades as friends of the earth. Senator Ed Kasemeyer received 80%, while Jim Robey got a 60%. Delegate Jimmy Malone got a 91% and Liz Bobo, 82%.
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