Sunday, July 01, 2012

Our Broadband Brother

Say what you will about Ken Ulman as a politician but somewhere under that public persona there resides just another smart kid who grew up here. While he works to adopt a more regional leadership image, his roots were here and always will be. His HoCo loco fans will celebrate that fact while his HoCo loco foes will apologize for it. Love him or hate him he’s still our guy.

We decided to jump right in with the exec instead of waiting for to formally bring him in after the news recap. It didn’t take long for him to chide me for making light of the marble attack on the speed cam van. “Thankfully no one was hurt,” he pointed out soberly countering my reckless sarcasm.

Of course he was right. Until Friday’s show I hadn’t realized that those vans were manned, more often than not according to the exec. Somebody could get hurt.

Still, I contend that the story of the fifty year old guy arrested for firing marbles at a HoCo speed van is pretty funny stuff and fair game for humor. I’m also glad no one got hurt because then it wouldn’t be funny.

As it happens sometimes, we only got to cover about half the stuff we had on our list to talk about. On the other hand we still managed to cover election cycles, the school board, the Affordable Care Act, the Downtown Partnership triumphs and travails and the statewide broadband initiative.

According to Ken the first fiber on the network has already been lit linking UMBC main campus in Catonsville with their new Training Center in Columbia Gateway. The One Maryland Inter-County Broadband Network (ICBN) may prove to be the single most important public infrastructure project in Maryland since the advent of the railroad. The bottom line is that Ken and Ira Levy, his cyber guru, made this happen. Nice job.

You can listen to the 69th episode of “and then there’s that…” here
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