Monday, July 30, 2012

Beyond Whole Foods

At the formal announcement of the Whole Foods deal last week, Howard Hughes displayed a board showing some of the other proposed changes in the newly christened Lakefront neighborhood of "downtown" Columbia. In addition to two new parking garages, it appears that the existing parking deck around Copeland's is targeted for redevelopment.

Curiously, though other existing buildings are clearly shown, the Copelands building is not.
It also appears that the road passing through the Hug statue area is back in. You may recall that this connecting road was opposed by the CA Board of Directors back in 2007 and subsequent plans by General Growth, Howard Hughes predecessor, showed it taken out in response to the outcry,

I should note that the display board noted that “All plans for future retail, housing and parking structures are approximate and for illustrative purposes only.”

That being said it appears that this little connecting road is now literally back in the picture.

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