Monday, January 09, 2012

Guys Night Out

First of all, the really big news coming out of Delegate Guy Guzzones fundraiser tonight is that Patricia Gordon is running for school board…again. Pat Gordon served on the HoCo School Board for ten years. She decided not to run for reelection in 2010. I did not get a chance to speak to her tonight but her entrance into the race is significant. Since she was only off the board for two years she still has some of the power of incumbency, beginning with the ever crucial name recognition. Her announcement was greeted with applause.

This morning, at Allans breakfast, I heard a couple of folks suggest that Bob Ballinger might be getting in the mix too.

But I digress, this was Guys night and the HoCo loco Dem team was out in force: council members Calvin Ball, Mary Kay Sigaty, Jen Terasa and Courtney Watson, Senator Jim Robey, school board members Ellen Flynn Giles and Sandra French, to name a few. I’m sure I missed somebody. It was crowded and at a hundred bucks a head plus sponsors who were “too numerous to mention” it also appeared to be fruitful for Guys coffers.

I spent some time with Jon Weinstein. I told him that it looked as if the Dem gods were rewarding him for fighting the good fight by designing District 9A just for him. Though he was predictably coy, does he think anyone honestly believes he won't run for it?

Most of the time I sat next to Roger Caplan. It was like having a color man for the loco politico game. Guy’s party was fertile ground for punditry too. Dems are much more animated than Repubs. Then again, this was a cocktail hour reception.

It was short on speeches too. I think Jim Robey spent more time introducing Guy than Guy spent talking. I've noticed this about him before. I’m beginning to think I could like that.

Before leaving I did get a chance to ask him about legistlative scholarships. Somewhat to my surprise he said “I’m against them. I don’t participate. I give the money back and it goes to general, merit based scholarships.”

He said a couple of other HoCo state legislators do the same.

So there is hope.
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