Friday, January 13, 2012

Fanstache Friday

Podcast days are usually tight days, they have a certain stepped up rhythm to them. Every other Friday that we tape the show is a delicate balance of real job and play job for all three us. Somehow, we have consistently managed to carve out three hours in the middle of the day to bang out another episode.

We do eat lunch though and it’s not all work either. After two years of eating and planning out shows together we've developed a nice little camaraderie and shared more than a few laughs.

It’s not like we’re doing this for the money after all.

So when CG told me about the Fanstache on Tuesday night, I immediately thought of my podcast pals. I wasn’t sure how we’d work it in but somehow I knew we’d put them on. CG works for Charm City Concierge and they are selling them at their buildings in the city. She agreed to pick up four for me.

Today Paul showed up at lunch sporting a new beard, he already had the Flacco thing going on, albeit the full beard version. He’s going on a boat in the blue waters next week so I guess he’s working on his salty mariner look. Nonetheless, knowing full well that removing the stache would not be painless, he plastered on his purple Fu Manchu  for the photo anyway.

And the fourth one?

That went home with our guest, Cy Paumier. He got out of having to wear his by agreeing to take the picture.

Go Ravens!
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