Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bag of Books

I've been thinning my inventory of tree books this month. It’s not a dramatic reduction in stock, more like managing the herd. Unlike e-books, storage of tree books is an issue, limited by shelf space which is not easily expanded.

The problem is that the inflow of books is always greater than the outflow and eventually this results in books piling up on desks and cabinets awaiting an opening on the shelves.

Today I purged.

Picking the books that would get the hook was interesting exercise. For some it was easy. I had two copies of “Tis” by Frank McCourt for example. In Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger I found a copy of a Las Vegas hotel bill from 1994. So that’s where I put that.

I must’ve read that book on the plane. It was a good way to fall asleep.

In all I bagged up twelve books and took them to the library. The shelves in my library are breathing a little easier now.

Go Ravens!
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