Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We Got Ourselves a Contest

Last week it looked as though Allen Dyer had a pretty easy path to reelection. Only five candidates had filed for the three open seats. There would not be a primary and not much of a contest. Interest would be low.

This week it’s a different story. As of now, there are ten candidates for three seats. According to this story by Sara Toth in Explore Howard, this “guarantees an April primary, as it is more than twice the three available seats.

We have ourselves a contest.

Many already know, Siddiqui, Giles, Dyer and Gordon. We met Leslie Kornreich and Bob Ballinger in the last election. That leaves the new folks, Ann De Lacy, Olga Butler and Kelly Casey Van Horn.

I have never met Kelly Casey Van Horn but I liked what she had to say to Sara.

"From a parent's perspective, I want to be involved in local education," said Van Horn, who previously taught in FairfaxCounty, Va., and has two children, 1 and 3. "The board would have a fresh, young perspective of a person who's been in the classroom recently — I have the teaching aspect and student aspect, and I'm quickly learning the parent aspect. I think those things needs to be represented a bit more."

It’s going to be fun getting to know these folks. It’s good to have a contest.
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