Monday, June 13, 2011

Robey Staying Put

Some HoCo loco politico prognosticators have speculated that Delegate Guy Guzzone might opt to run for Senator Jim Robey’s seat instead of county executive in 2014. That speculation was based on the assumption that Jim would retire after this term.

Apparently nobody told Jim about this.

According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, Jim told the reporter “he has bad news for anyone thinking he might retire after this term, freeing up his seat.”

"Right now my plans are to run again for the Senate," he said.”

It also appears that another Dem councilmember besides Courtney Watson may have sights on running for executive. In the same article Mary Kay Sigaty said she “might run” as well.

On the Repub side, Senator Allan Kittleman is currently considered to be the frontrunner for the countys top job. I’m sure he’d like nothing more than for the Dems to have a bruising primary battle.

That being said, a lot can happen between now and then...
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