Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Things about Food

One, Burger King is testing home delivery in Maryland and so far it is being well received. According to this review by Mike Rosenwald in The Washington Post, ordering burgers and fries online was “as easy and quick as ordering diapers from Amazon.com.”

That’s the bad news.

The good news, for that 2012 New Years resolution of yours, is that delivery service is not yet available in HoCo. The closest participating restaurant is in Burtonsville and I don’t think they cross the border...yet

Two, knowledgeable sources inside the hospitality industry inform me that rockstar restaurateurs, Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman are behind a new concept restaurant planned for Turf Valley Town Square.

Three, just down the pike from Turf Valley, the venerable Crab Shanty has undergone a major makeover. Momma Wordbones and I checked out the new menu at the recently rechristened Shanty Grill a couple of weeks ago and give it enthusiastic thumbs up. We both highly recommend their Shanty Maki Roll appetizer.
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