Thursday, January 19, 2012


Some time last year my exercise regime was overthrown. My eating and drinking regime was not. The result of course is that I have put on weight. I know in my heart of heart that its time to return to a daily regimen of exercise yet I delay.

I really can’t ignore it either. Every morning my bathroom mirror reflects an image of an overweight old white haired guy. I may not be able to fix the white hair and the old part but the weight thing is well within my control. I know what I need to do I’m just having trouble getting started again.

That’s why I empathize with the county exec. This morning, Tom Coale took a little shot at Ken for being pictured eating a donut in this story. He quipped that Ken’s health coach would probably be “disappointed in him.”

No doubt. Don’t get me wrong here, but the county exec today is not exactly in the same fighting trim that he was when he came into the office. Back then I used to see him regularly at the Colosseum Gym. Not anymore, though I will concede that it is highly likely that he goes to another gym now.

Wherever that is, it looks like he’s going to his gym about as much as I'm going to mine.

I tell you a loco politico that is looking good these days, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake. A colleague of mine was in the skybox next to the city skybox at the Ravens game on Sunday. At the end of the game he hung around for a bit while waiting for the traffic to clear.  It was then that he noticed the mayor with a trash bag cleaning up the balcony section of the box next door. A couple of others saw her as well and asked if they could get a picture with her. She cheerfully agreed to, once she finished cleaning up.

I really like that image.
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