Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Resting In Peace

It appears that the great Clarksville funeral home fight will end peacefully. The zoning battle that was waged by two powerhouse HoCo loco zoning attorneys appears to be headed towards settlement. According to this story by Lindsey McPherson in Explore Howard, Sang Oh, the attorney for the funeral home operator, is submitting modified plans to the Board of Appeals that “address all of the concerns that were expressed by the hearing examiner and the surrounding community…" 

The new plans include reducing the building size by 8,400 square feet, increasing the parking from 66 spaces to 100 spaces and “enhancing the landscape buffering” between the proposed development and the adjacent St. Louis Church.

The church is represented by William Erskine.

"They decreased the size (of the funeral home) while increasing the parking, … greatly increased the setback and buffering between the funeral home and the (church) rectory … (and) produced a very pleasing lighting plan that has absolutely zero light trespass across the property line," he said.”

The revised plan will be presented to the Board of Appeals at a public hearing this Thursday at 6:30 PM in the George Howard Building in Ellicott City.
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