Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Neighborhood Hero

My regular HoCo commute route runs under some major electric transmission lines. These lines and their towers cut a swath of land through HoCo from Hanover to Woodstock. It’s a little wider than half a football field.

In my neighborhood, the road splits as it enters the power company land and then rejoins as it exits, leaving a 130 foot long oval island in the middle. The amazing thing is the grass on this island is nice as any lawn in the neighborhood. Someone cuts it regularly too. I knew BGE wasn't doing this but I was always curious about who did.

As I drove by this afternoon I saw a guy cutting the grass. This is probably only the second time in the last six years that I’ve actually seen someone cutting this grass. I decided that this time I’d stop and find out who he was.

Dick has lived in the neighborhood since 1966. He doesn’t live in any of the homes close by; he lives a couple of streets over. He just decided one day that the uncut grass looked bad and that if nobody else was going to take care of it then he would. He’s been taking care of this hillside green ever since. He’s 78. He uses a push mower.

He also carries a trash bag. When I told him that I was going to write about him on the blog he asked if I would just ask everyone not to throw trash out the window when they pass by.

Seems like such a simple request.

It occurred to me as I drove away that HoCo probably has other neighborhood heroes like Dick Graham; people that do things to make our neighborhoods just a little nicer with little expectation of anything more than the occasional thank you.

If any Tales of Two Cities readers know of a neighborhood hero you’d like to share, email me (wordbones@verizon.net), with a picture if you can, and I’ll write ‘em up.

If we get a few I’ll even add a new category.
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