Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Joy of Discovery

I readily acknowledge that I attend wine tastings primarily to drink wine rather than to just simply taste wine. My strategy is to keep tasting until I find something I like at which time I’ll fork over as many tasting tickets it takes to get a decent glass of it.

Yesterday, at the Spring Wine Tasting at the Wine Bin in Ellicott City, it took me three tastings before I discovered the silky smooth Zuccardi Zeta. I loaded up the glass.

Later, when I returned for a refill, they were all out. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who liked it.

At this point I realized there was still one wine station I had yet to visit so I decided to take one more shot before calling it a day. The server poured me a taste of Val de L’Ours, a Cabernet Sauvigon-Syrah blend. It was delicious. I forked over my remaining tickets for a  respectable glass.

The truth is, I liked both wines equally but when I took into account that the Zeta sold for $45.00 a bottle and the Val de ‘Ours $10.00 a bottle, I had to admit I liked the Val de L’Ours a little better.
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