Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scene This Week In…

Driving back to Columbia from Elkridge on Old Montgomery Road today I spotted this graffiti on the underpass of Route 100. I immediately thought of Pants On Fire, one of the favorites in the Kentucky Derby. I'm not a huge horse racing fan so when I pick my Derby horse, I usually go for the name. I liked the name Pants On Fire. He finished ninth thereby proving this statement is not an absolute.

I should have bet on the Maryland horse

This message also put the song “Happiness is a Warm Gun” in my head and as I write this its still there.

On Sunday, after picking up some mulch from Home Depot, I decided to walk across the parking lot to the Giant to pick up something to grill for dinner. As I approached the store I noticed a Verizon pay phone on the wall. Once ubiquitous in and around HoCo, pay phones, particularly ones owned by a major carrier, have  become increasingly rare.

I wondered if it still actually worked. It did. I picked up the receiver and heard a dial tone. It felt odd. I can't recall the last time I picked up a pay phone.

I suspect the days are numbered for this one too. It’s twin on the other side had already been removed.
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