Monday, May 23, 2011

No Shame in Walking

Over the years I have participated in a fair number of 5K and 10K races yet even though I once ran a half marathon, I have never considered myself a serious runner. I often quip that I run because I like to eat and drink.

When Mama Wordbones told me that Washington College was having a 5K run and walk as part of their commencement weekend activities I initially figured I’d do the run. Mama Wordbones said she was planning to do the walk.

On Saturday morning when we arrived at Wilmer Park along the Chester River, I noticed that there were less than 25 fellow participants and the majority of them were running. There were only two walkers besides Mama Wordbones.

I don’t have an aversion to walking. I have actually been doing quite a bit walking this year but walking in the back of a pack of runners was not something I really wanted to do. My fragile male ego suggested that walking would make me feel like somewhat of a lesser man. On the other hand, if I ran with the pack, Mama Wordbones would likely end up walking alone. That just didn’t feel right. I sucked it up and decided to walk with my girl.

As it turns out, the other two walkers were a good deal younger than us and it wasn’t long until the two us were alone at the back of the pack with the Chestertown police cruiser rolling slowly behind us. It was a gorgeous spring morning though and I quickly settled into enjoying our stroll through the eastern shore countryside.

Of course we were the last ones to finish but as we crossed the line we were greeted to cheers from our fellow participants. As it turns out, there was a prize for the first male finisher in the walk and since I was the only male walker…winner!
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