Monday, May 09, 2011

The Umbrella Rule

When we parked for dinner at Clyde’s Friday night we had a brief discussion as to whether or not to take the umbrella. At six thirty there wasn’t a cloud in sky. We left the umbrella in the car.

Later, Paul Kraft, the General Manager of the restaurant, dropped by our table. I had spoken with Paul the night before at the Columbia Foundation Spring Garden Party. Clyde’s has catered this event for the past twenty nine years and Paul had been helping his crew keep the party guests well fed and lubricated. In addition to the food, the party features an open bar.

“What was the most popular booze this year?” I asked. I expected his answer to be beer or white wine.

“Gin,” he replied. “We actually ran out.”


By the time we finished dinner it was pouring rain. We made a dash for the car, getting soaked in the process.

Saturday, after dropping by the Flowermart, we decided to try and catch the finish of the Visionary Arts Museum Kinetic Sculpture Race. The 15 mile  race began Saturday morning and by 3:00 PM the human powered sculptures were making their way back to the finish line at the museum.

When we parked the car along Key Highway, the sun was hiding behind the clouds. This time we took the umbrella with us and it didn’t rain.
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