Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yet Another Elkridge Intermodal Perspective

Yesterday, at the Voices for Children Wine Tasting in Ellicott City, fellow HoCo loco blogger and emerging Columbia politico, Tom Coale, told me about a column in Elkridge Patch about the proposed Hanover intermodal site. He thought I’d enjoy it.

He was right.

In a piece entitled “Train, Train, Go Away," Katryn D. Stewart postulates that the external threat of nuisance noise from the loading and unloading of containers is not likely to drown out the internal noise in her own household.

“You see, as I lay in bed one night thinking about how annoying this intermodal facility is going to be, my husband began to snore. And when he snores, he snores. So I elbowed him. And he rolled over and continued to snore. And so I pinched his nose shut, and he began to snore even louder through his mouth. Just as I raised the pillow to smother him, the hall lights flashed on, footsteps banged across my hall, the toilet seat crashed down, and water began to run. Thirty seconds later, more water running, another crash that I couldn't label, more feet running, door banging.”

Or how about the guy next door who likes to mow his lawn first thing Saturday morning.
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