Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Original Bug

I first saw this white 1967 VW Beetle in the Dobbin Road Starbucks parking lot earlier this year. This morning I met the actual owner. His name is Russ. Russ has owned this vintage compact for twenty years, having purchased it from the original owner.

It’s in amazingly good condition. After 137,000 miles he recently had the engine rebuilt. I didn’t see any rust.

“I keep it in the garage,” he told me.

It shows. He has the original owners’ manual too. I told him that I recall these cars were more fun to drive in the spring. The heaters weren't much to speak of. Most owners kept a blanket in the back seat.

“Not this one,’ he insisted, “It’ll toast you right out.”

The advertising for these cars broke all the rules for new car marketing back in the sixties.

This was the same car that my father drove to work everyday back when I was in elementary school...a very long time ago.
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