Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bloggers in High Places

This weekend, the ranks of HoCo bloggers in elected office grew by one when Tom Coale, author of HoCo Rising, was elected to the Columbia Council representing the Village of Dorsey’s Search. Another HoCo blogger, Bill Santos, author of Columbia Compass, was reelected to another term on the Wilde Lake Village Board.

Trevor Greene, author of HoCo Politico, is already serving on the River Hill Village Board. Trevor did not have to stand for election this year.

HoCo bloggers have come a long way since Evan Coren became the first HoCo blogger to win a HoCo loco election. Evan served one term as the Columbia Council representative for the Village of Kings Contrivance back in 2007.

It’s sort of mixed blessing though. Elected office seems to take a toll on blog posts. Evans blog, Howard County Maryland, died a slow death after he won election. Bill Santos rarely posts on his blog since he first started serving on his village board. Then again parental duties could have had something to do with that too.

Trevor was already on the board when he launched his blog but even he hasn’t been as prolific a poster as he initially was.

In any event, I heartily congratulate my blogging brethren Tom and Bill on their electoral victories.
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