Saturday, April 09, 2011

Every Day is Earth Day

When your job is Director of the Office Environmental Sustainability, every day is Earth Day. For the rest of us on the other hand, April is generally the month we celebrate Earth Day. In recognition of this, we invited Josh Feldmark to come on the podcast and to tell us what his office is all about besides giving away free trees.

He really wanted to talk about wine though. Unfortunately for him, Paul and decided to hold off on a discussion about HoCo wineries, for now at least. That may be a better topic for May.

Anyway, the very nature of his job means that Josh has his hands in many pots in HoCo government. Even the problem of deer overpopulation falls somewhat within his purview. I told him that the deer in my neighborhood had taken a liking to the dogwood tree we got from the county last year.

Paul even asked his opinion on the proposed CSX Intermodal terminal in HoCo. Alas, that is not within his area of influence.

In addition to the intermodal controversy, the news stories we recapped were the recent HoCo loco politico fundraisers for Ken, Courtney and Calvin, the recent jewelry heist at The Mall, and Belmont.

Paul also pointed out that HoCo may be the worst place to attempt suicide by self immolation.

You can listen to the latest podcast of “and then there’s that…” here.
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