Sunday, April 10, 2011

A HoCo Bloggers Spring

Up until recently, I used to write a welcoming post to every new HoCo blogger. That was easy to do when a new a loco blog only came around every few months or so.

Not so much anymore.

Over the past six months the HoCo loco blogosphere has seemingly exploded with so many new voices that I sometimes find it difficult to keep up.

Two of the newcomers I’ve enjoyed reading are HoCo Connect and The Rocket Powered Butterfly. HoCo Connect is written by Duane St. Clair who also was instrumental in establishing Freecycle in HoCo.

The Rocket Powered Butterfly is authored by TJ Mayotte who also writes occasionally for Elkridge Patch. Despite the fact that he recently took me to task for my postings on the intermodal terminal controversy, I do think he brings a thoughtful perspective to discussions on living in HoCo. 

I’ve added both of these blogs to my loco blog roll in the right hand column under "Other Local Stuff". A belated welcome to both gentlemen and, for that matter, all of the other new HoCo bloggers as well.
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