Sunday, April 03, 2011

Belmont Deal in the Works

A deal is in the works to turn over Belmont to the HoCo Conservancy. The troubled historic manor that was purchased by Howard Community College approximately seven years ago has been listed for sale since last August. The asking price is $4.4 million. The college paid $4.8 million.

Apparently none of the offers have come close to that number. When the college purchased the property they borrowed $2.6 million from the county. With that loan the county was granted a right of first refusal to purchase the property before the college accepts an outside purchase offer. Sources tell me that the college has received an offer of approximately $2.7 million meaning that the county could possibly acquire the 80 acre estate for just $100,000.00 since the original loan was never paid off.
That’s really quite a bargain for the county. It is doubtful that the college would be able to pay back the county loan in the foreseeable future so at least this way the taxpayers have something to show for their investment.

The deal that is being worked out would have the county buy the property and then had it over to the HoCo Conservancy.

The Conservancy looks like a pretty good choice to run the place too. 
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