Saturday, April 16, 2011

Now that’s a Truck

Mama Wordbones and CG are west county girls. Until we combined families five years ago, they were proud county girls. Mama Wordbones even grew a little corn on their three acre plot of land in Glenwood.

I mention this because they enjoy teasing me about my “city” ways. The most frequent target of their countrified derision is my SUV. I refer to it as my truck.

“That’s no truck!” they’ll equally exclaim. To this I always counter that, according to the MVA, my Ford Explorer is a “TRK”.

Of course there is no winning this argument, no matter what the State of Maryland thinks. There is no way these country girls will ever call an SUV a truck. It goes against their very rural roots. A truck, at the bare minimum, has an open bed for hauling stuff. Preferably it’s a little beat up too. You take a truck to the dump not to dinner.
Yesterday when I spotted this Deuce and a half for sale in Ellicott City, I asked Mama Wordbones if I would gain any country cred if I picked this baby up.

It’s a monster. This 1993 M35 A3 two and a half ton truck has six forty-two inch wheels, 170 horsepower CAT 3116 Diesel engine, a 15,000 lb winch, ether cold start, and an in-cab adjusting air tire inflation system.


The best part is that no special license is required to pilot this beast. I'm not sure it would fit in my driveway though.
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