Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Rush

Is it just me?

It seems like spring is going by a little faster this year. Already it seem, all varieties of cherry trees have done their thing and now the Dogwoods are peaking . Daffodils, and Bradford Pears in bloom are but a distant memory.

You have to admit though, in spite of the pollen thing, Mama Nature Maryland puts on a pretty awesome show in the spring. Bing bang boom, colors pop out all over from gray slate of winter. It's like the fourth of July in slow motion, albeit very slow motion. I generally prefer to savor these days, not to gulp them.

It could be just that my own life is sort of on fast forward right now. CG graduates from college next month which pretty much means any free, unscheduled moments for the next four weeks will be like water in the desert. There won’t be any respite at work either, which is a good thing , just with sucky timing.
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