Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mayors Vs The Bloggers

The U.S, Conference of Mayors is blaming a recent spike in mayoral recall attempts on bloggers. According to this story by Lesley Clark with McClatchy Newspapers, at a news conference last week the conference director, Tom Cochran, “identified one enemy of the mayors: bloggers who attack elected officials.”

"Today we have the social media," he said. "The bloggers are out there every night and every day."

Cochran said he'd urge mayors to fight back against the blogs and check the laws that regulated recall elections. He said 38 states allowed the recall of local officials, though some required specific reasons such as malfeasance or corruption.”

The mayors group has also produced a documentary called “Recall Fever.”

HoCo electeds don’t need to worry though. Everyone knows its dam near impossible to get a valid petition approved in HoCo. Just ask Marc Norman.
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