Monday, April 11, 2011

Sharkey’s Last Call

Sharkey’s, the eclectic little bar above Johnny’s Bistro on Main Street in Ellicott City, is closing. When he locks up this Friday night, Sharkey's will cease to be and one of HoCo’s smallest bars will pass on into HoCo loco lure.

This afternoon Sharkey told me that he initially plans to head off to Chicago to see some friends but after that, he really doesn’t have a plan.  He just needs to take an extended time out from bar tending

Over the past the few years Sharkey has also been taking care of his mom. She passed away last July. 

He told me that the business had been okay but that he was also growing tired with the antics of some of the younger crowd that now frequents Main Street on weekends. He said he oftentimes yells out the second floor windows at the kids urinating in the bushes across the street. “The older crowd doesn’t come down here at night anymore,” he lamented.

The bar goes with Sharkey too. He told me that a church will be taking over the space after he’s gone. I hate it when that happens to a perfectly good bar.
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