Monday, January 25, 2010

Trent’s Coming Out Party

Trent Kittleman is ready to make it official. On February 17th she will announce her candidacy for Howard County Executive at a fundraiser at the home of Scott and Sandy Segrist in Glenwood.

Ms Kittleman made her intentions known as early as last summer and has been actively raising money and lining up volunteers over the past few months. She already has her campaign website up and running.

Trent is pulling out the big gun for her announcement party with former Governor Bob Ehrlich expected to attend. No doubt he’ll be asked about his plans too.


Anonymous said...

It's official. Ulman wins 2010.

What are Republicans thinking?! Ulman is going to pull out that Isis thing and will never look back.

Anonymous said...

For further info on Isis, click this link:

Our Hay Day of 65 comments

Anonymous said...

The claim is that Trent Kittleman was one of the 'prominent republican women' who received preferential (illegal?) treatment and contract award.

Anonymous said...

THAT is some funny entertaining reading in that link!

But then 'numbers-girl' got into the conversation and I closed with a headache.

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww. Poor Anon 8:41. Thinking hurts!

HoCoRising said...

There aren't really any candidates chomping at the bit on the GOP side. None of the positions required any sort of primary, and the ones that think they know what they're doing are using the same methods that have failed for the past decade (and a half).

PZGURU said...

Ulman only won in 2006 because of the anti-Bush hatred that was running rampant with independent voters and moderates. He won't have that cushion this time around. Why do you think rat boy has been so low key, and out of the media this year compared to the last 3 years when his arrogant face was in every camera this side of the Patapsco?
Trent better have her game plan in top gear because even though it's an anti-Dem political wind that's blowing of late, she's going to have to demonstrate that she is the better candidate as far as policies and economic plans (and she IS the better candidate by far). It's just that so-called indys still heavily favor dems unless the dem is lousy or corrupt (Ulman is a little of the former and a lot of the latter, IMHO).
Go Trent!!!

Anonymous said...

I just met Trent tonight and frankly I was impressed.

Anonymous said...

HH, don't bother. You're hyper predictable.

PZ, I could be convinced if she had nothing to do with Isis. I'll write in a candidate rather than vote for someone who took special favors because of her connections.

I want a citizen government.

PZGURU said...

Ken has more than his share of ethical/corruption issues, such as his Village of Oakland Mills debacle where he was buying/renting office space from a developer for 3x market rate. Or, how about him and Guzzone and their Comp Rezoning shenanigans. Yeah, I know, the lawsuit challenging it was dismissed - but only on a technicality, and by a judge who is close personal and political friends with Ulman, and who only took over the case after the prior judge mysteriously recused himself 2 years after the case started.

Ulman is as dirty as the come. If you want to hold Trent to the fire, at least hold Ulman to the same standard and don't vote for him. Write-in Freemarket!!!

Anonymous said...

Voting for someone who allowed comp lite is not an option. Democrats who voted that way completely sold out all county citizens.

But I'm done with voting for the lesser evil. I will settle for nothing less than a citizen run government, and hope this message takes hold one day, if not this year.

Anonymous said...

dont forget about ulman's phony resume!