Friday, January 22, 2010

Chicken Coops, Disney Moms and Birthdays

Paul Skalny and I wrapped up our sixth episode of “and then there’s that…” on HoCoMoJo this afternoon. Our guest was Senate Minority Leader and former county councilman, Allan Kittleman. The topics ranged from the story of the guy who’s visited Disney World over 100 times to chicken houses on the eastern shore.

Needless to say that Allan had a good deal to say about Governor O’Malley’s proposed budget that even the The Sun has described as being put together with “chewing gum and baling wire.”

Our timing for this show worked out pretty well with the assembly in session and a prevailing sense of a Republican surge both locally and nationally.

Since tomorrow is Ilana Bittners birthday we decided to have a little fun with birthdays and anniversaries as well. Ilana is a social media maven who also happens to be the spouse of our producer, Dave Bittner and our next guest on February 5th. I know it sounds a little incestuous having her on the show but if you’ve ever heard her talk about harnessing the power of social networking you’ll understand why we thought she’d make a fun guest.

And speaking of incestuous, we also had a brief visit with fellow HoCoMoJo podcaster, Mike Morucci.


Bob O said...

Glad to hear the podcasts are going well. Interesting stuff with a great local bent.

You might think about doing a live podcast in virtual reality, specifically, Second Life. This would allow you to not only have audio, but also video in the form of virtual reality avatars engaging in a 3D setting that lends a "you are there" sense to internet discussions.

In truth, your conversations are already "virtual." Taking the next step into an actual virtual reality setting could be...interesting...and draw you a greater audience. Plus, you can film the interaction and post it on youtube and other portals.

Let me know if you are interested, I'd be more than happy to lend you technical support and a secure virtual environment in which to conduct your meetings/discussions/debates. You provide a great service to the community, so I'd like to do my bit to help out.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ilana

Mike said...

Incestuous was the only adjective you could think of for my visit? I enjoyed it! Thanks for inviting me! You and Paul are good guys.