Friday, January 01, 2010

Ken’s Back

Don’t get me wrong. I do wish him well but I found it a little unsettling when I read this story by Larry Carson in The Sun today about our county executive’s surgery to “to remove a protruding portion of a disc that has been causing him pain for nearly a year.”

It’s never good when a politician loses some backbone.


Anonymous said...

HCCA promises a "scorecard" on council members. Do you think anyone should be afraid? I think not.

Rick said...

"It’s never good when a politician loses some backbone."

Can't lose something you don't have.

Bob O said...


Mona! Rimshot!

Anonymous said...

Once again HCCA is of no use. Anyone who wants to know how council members voted can just go to

The 20 active, bitter, negative people on the HCCA listserve do NOT represnt the other 290,000 of us!

Maybe the "scorecar" will help the see how little any of the Council listens to them.

Anonymous said...

I see in the article that the county government is closed this week with unpaid furloughs. Does that mean Ulman's bodyguard and personal driver are both not getting paid this week, or are they exempt?