Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Density Deal Part Two

As I previously wrote in this post, the proposed increase in residential density in Columbia Town Center would be significantly less than the residential density being encouraged in the Route 1 corridor. In this story by Larry Carson in The Sun today, Alan Klein, the spokesperson for CoFoCoDo, argues that the higher density for the Route 1 corridor makes perfect sense.

"It makes sense. Those areas are closer to transit," Klein said.”


Route 1 is a four lane road with signaled controlled intersections. Columbia Town Center is bordered by a four lane divided highway with grade separated interchanges to the north and south. While it is true that there are two MARC rail stations in the Route 1 corridor there isn’t much in the way of offices and retail stores compared to Columbia Town Center. People don’t use MARC trains to go to the store or the doctors office. The number of commuters using the trains isn’t statistically significant either. Howard County has actually seen a decrease in the net outflow of commuters in recent years as more jobs have been created locally. This substantially reduces the significance of the MARC stations in any density debate and once again points to the lack of substance in CoFoCoDo’s case against General Growth Properties proposed redevelopment for Columbia’s Town Center.

If they were truly honest with themselves, the so called Coalition for Columbia’s Downtown should change their name to Coalition against Columbia’s Downtown.


Anonymous said...

CoFoCoDo and HCCA are very disingenuous. They claim they are for Columbia revitalization. However, they only talk about what they are against after planning testimony in secret. Their listserve members don’t approve or even see testimony before it is given after it is decided by about a dozen people. Many of the same folks are member of both anti groups.

Then, they ask for things they KNOW will kill projects. Less than half the proposed density over a 30-year period; ht limits of 4-6 story, fat buildings; endless studies to delay; donations of dozens of acres before anything is approved and any money is made; and 30-40% affordable housing requirements are unreasonable requests and no sane elected official or community leader will even consider. It’s so sad that a decade ago HCCA was a respected organization and now no person with any power to do anything takes them seriously!

buy articles said...

Great blog. Thanks so much for the info. I agree with the last comment too. CoFOCODo is not very....meh.

Anonymous said...

Where's the DPZ master plan for the county? didn't the last one expire in 2009?

Why haven't we done a master plan yet?

PZGURU said...

Interesting take. But, by your own statistics, you're showing that public transit has been on a decline, YET, GGP and the County Administration are willing to let GGP take credit for proposed public transit as a means of mitigating increased traffic levels that will result if this cockamamie plan is ever approved.

Sounds like you're trying to have it both ways.