Thursday, January 14, 2010

Scene This Week In...

It’s been awhile since I changed the scene this week pictures so I figured that it being the New Year and all I really should be getting on with this.

My Ellicott City inspiration came from this handmade poster taped to a street sign. They popped up all over my neighborhood in the past couple of weeks. It occurred to me that school redistricting is probably a hotter local topic than the Columbia Town Center redevelopment plans. People can get pretty emotional about where their kids go to school.
I’m tempted to say it’s all good. According to this story by Liz Bowie in The Sun today, Maryland public schools have been recognized by Education Week magazine as “No. 1 among states in the nation for school achievement and educational policies…”

“Education Week gave Maryland a B-plus, far above the national average of a C. New York ranked second and Massachusetts third in the survey; Nevada, Nebraska and the District of Columbia did particularly poorly. The survey looks at numerous factors, including student achievement on national tests, how well schools are financed, what state policies are in place and the overall chances a child has of success in school while living in a particular state.”

Nicely done.
I took a little editorial license this time around and instead of a Columbia scene I picked an Annapolis Junction scene this week. When I spotted this sign at the intersection of Dorsey Run Road and Guilford Road I knew I had my picture. The visual was just too good.

It is appropriate to focus a little attention on Annapolis Junction once in awhile. This little corner of Howard County has become ground zero in the burgeoning cyber security business.

I’m not sure how to interpret this sign though. I think I’ll leave that up to reader.