Monday, January 18, 2010

HoCo Politicos in the News

As this years general assembly begins it’s second week, hoco politicos are stirring up a little dust and attracting a little ink down in 21401.

Predictably, referendum reform has generated bipartisan election year backing from the county delegation. At least they all say they want reform anyway. According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, “all three county state senators and three delegates, including Democrats Guy Guzzone and Bobo and Republican Warren E. Miller, said they support the idea of loosening the rules to prevent technicalities from eliminating valid signatures, though no specific bill has emerged.”

The devil is in the details so they say.

Of course some state lawmakers have a pretty clear idea of what they’d like to see in a bill. Liz Bobo wants any reform to be retroactive. Marc Norman likes this idea.

Senator Allan Kittleman is also in the news today. In this story by Annie Linsky in The Sun the Senator from western Howard County lambasted the O’Malley administration and their stewardship of the budget.

"They are trying to use smoke and mirrors and Band-Aids to get through this year," said Senate Minority Leader Allan H. Kittleman, a Howard County Republican. "Next year," he predicted, "they will have to have the highest tax increase in the history of Maryland."

I hope he’s wrong.

I will get a chance to chat with him about that and other stuff this week though. He will be our guest on “and then there’s that…” this Friday at the Lakeside café in Town Center.


Trevor said...

If I were running for political office this year, I would run with the promise to work to cut taxes and make government smaller. Even the ultra-liberal people of Massachusetts are realizing this is the way to go. I think Senator Kittleman is smart to comment on the out-of-control spending and likelihood of future tax increases. Politicians cannot continue spending money like this. They are selfishly jeopardizing our future by wasting our money.

It is time to get some new ideas in Annapolis and in the County. I hope people in Howard County wise-up and vote out the more wasteful incumbents.

Anonymous said...

I'll second that, Trevor. Hocorising has started an organized anti-incumbent movement in the county. Add your ideas to his blog.

Anonymous said...

I considered watching the Kittleman interview, but when I came to my senses and realized the questions would add NOTHING to political discourse, I decided to save my time for some meaningful reading.

Do you really think those softball questions and campaign opportunities are going to draw a crowd? Or maybe the purpose is just to kiss up to the powerful. In that case, right on target.

Anonymous said...

Hocorising is NOT anti-incumbent. Just Pro GOP and ultra Pro Anthony Jordan.

Trevor said...

Anon 6:35am, thanks for pointing out that blog. I'll have to check it out.

Does anyone know if anyone from either party is running against Mary Kay Sigaty? Last I read, in this blog, she is running unopposed. That is surprising in this political climate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58, where are you getting those "facts"?

Hocorising is not pro-gop. He's pro citizen rule. Since your statement is so obviously inaccurate, it leads one to wonder if you are a Calvin Ball supporter or some other incumbent miscreant supporter who doesn't know how to read.

Anonymous said...

If the people in Ball's district know what is good for them, they'll vote for the best candidate instead of voting by party. Anthony Jordan is a perfect example of someone who CAN be trusted to make fair decisions.

Freemarket said...

This anti-incumbent movement that one person is trying to start is misguided. What happens when the current incumbents are replaced with a new set of incumbents? How are we any better off? Bueller? Bueller?

The problem is that voters have a strong incentive not to pay attention since their vote counts for so little and the cost of learning about the candidates is high. Improvements to the governing process happen at the frontier, and our own country is a great example of that. When this country was founded it was cutting edge and a vast improvement over other governments (IMHO). Sadly, we are fresh out of new frontier.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like FM would be late for work every day even if his predecessor was fired for doing that.

Others however, want to keep their jobs and strive to perform better than predecessors who publicly lost their offices.

Earth to FM.

Anonymous said...

FM, our vote counts for so little and our signature on a petition counts for even less.

Where are the true Conservative leaders when it comes to protecting our constitutional rights?

Anonymous said...

Ya think the anti-incumbent movement is a waste of time? You must not be watching the Mass race -- what, is Brown the first R in 50 years to win that seat?

Whooo HOOOOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Brown was a good candidate in a 50% I district with no incumbent. Anthony jordan is in a heavy D district and can't even raise 10% of the money needed to be a viable candidate--even with $250 from a GOP senator and $1,000from himself.

HoCoRising said...

All attention is good attention in the blog world, but I thought I would respond to some of the anti-anti-incumbent points here: