Thursday, January 28, 2010

Everyone Loves a Party

On Tuesday night, the New City Alliance hosted a cocktail party at the Tomato Palace restaurant in Columbia Town Center. The advocacy group wanted to rally it’s supporters for one final push as the council prepares to vote on the Town Center redevelopment enabling legislation, CB58 and CB59 this coming Monday night.

It was a very impressive turnout. 140 people signed in at the front door and they represented a broad cross section of Columbians, young, old, male and female. It was also heartening to see more than a few politicos among the attendees such as Ed Priola seen in the picture above and soon to be announced candidate for county executive, Trent Kittleman.

Curiously, the current county executive, Ken Ulman, was not in attendance.


Anonymous said...

Oh save it. The bills will pass easily. Why the 'rally'?

So, Trent and Ed join John Bailey as proponents of the biggest drain on Howard taxpayers in the history of the county. Nice start.

Freemarket said...

Just some constructive criticism: their body language screams discomfort to me. Smile, don't use your drink as a social shield and quit pretending to be distracted with your blackberry. Jeez, they look like me when I have to go to church. One thing Ulman can do is fake a photo. Step it up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Kittleman, Fox and Jordan talk strategy!

Anonymous said...

"Curiously, the current county executive, Ken Ulman, was not in attendance."

You really think he would show up at such an obviously Republican event as that? Red dress, red tomatoes, red wine, ....

Once again, just another event staged in Columbia by a small group (whatever their group name is this week), perhaps not even a majority of whom are Columbians if past pro-density groups' compositions are any indicator, that seems as out of place in Columbia as the very troubling overdevelopment proposal they support.

"broad cross section of Columbians"

Ok, how many people in the picture *aren't* Columbians?

"everyone loves a party"

Well, perhaps the attendees were 'party' animals (or at least stalwarts of a certain party), but at this point what Columbia really needs are true community advocates to table this obviously flawed proposal and require a much, much better plan. Otherwise, we all pay the price for the next 30 years for the benefit of a very few.

Anonymous said...

Republicans waste ANOTHER golden opportunity in this anti-incumbent election year.

No wonder the party is imploding.

Are they really that out of touch with the general electorate? Or did they buy into the sleazy sales pitch from GGP and it's tenticles.

PZguru for any elected office! Save the party!

Anonymous said...

From the comments to this posting, it would appear that there is portion of the Republican Party that is trying to splinter from the maintstream Republicans, and they should call themselves the Know Nothing Party, because these folks really have no idea what is really going on. But they do like to see their words in print!