Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Baby It’s Cold Outside

I know, its January and that's what we get in January around here. Still, coming off a fairly mild winter last year, the cold this year just seems a bit extreme. I don’t mind the snow so much but the persistent chill is really getting to me.

It’s not going to let up anytime soon either. According to this story by Frank D. Roylance in The Sun yesterday, “there is plenty more bitter cold weather ahead, putting more pressure on heating bills and on the city's cold-weather shelters.”

"The real big story this week is going to be the cold," said Steve Zubrick, science and operations officer for the National Weather Service in Sterling, Va. "We really don't lose this cold air any time soon. I see it through a week from now. And I think in the 8- to 14-day forecast we're still below normal."

At our house the dogs don’t even want to go out in this cold air.

The only thing I take some comfort in is the fact that the arctic chill extends to Florida. Friends who head south for the winter months and in past winters have relished telling us how warm it is down there are strangely silent right now. Two of my colleagues are currently in Key Largo where the temperature isn’t expected to go above 60 today. That’s a little to chilly for lounging by the pool.


Anonymous said...

No sounds out of the global warming crowd this week!

Bob O said...

Where is Al Gore when you really need him...?

Anonymous said...

Another one of your friends is in St Pete with his honey. Tuesday I left BWI, it was 35. When the plane landed in Tampa, it was 40. The temperatures have broken a 30 year record this week. Do I miss Maryland? Yes
Am I sorry I came to Florida? No
The view of the water, porpoise, ibis, pelicans and tropical plants is still worth the visit even if the temperatures don't cooperate.