Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tales in 2009 Top Ten

The political blog, Maryland Politics Watch, put up a post yesterday about the increasing popularity of local blogs in Maryland in 2009. “The 41 state and local blogs that release statistics reported a combined 50% increase in traffic.”

“The dominant blogdom trend of 2009 is the rapid growth of liberal and local blogs compared to the stagnation of conservative blogs. That is an oversimplification since some blogs in the former two categories died, while PG Politics reported strong growth and Kevin Dayhoff Soundtrack broke into the top five from a December 2008 start. Still, the lack of growth from the right wing blogosphere despite the rise of the Tea Party movement should be disheartening to Maryland conservatives.”

I wasn’t really all that surprised that Tales of Two Cities ended the year in the top ten. Back in May of last year we were already made it on to the MPW local blog radar.

Thanks to all the readers and visitors who contributed to that growth.


HowChow said...

Do they only track political blogs? Or can we agree that "All food is political?"

wordbones said...


..and then there's that...


Anonymous said...

85k visits for a year amounts to maybe 100 people who visit 3x daily.

If we only visit once weekly, that would be 1600 people. It's just not a very high number in a county of 270k people.

Printed media still have a reach in the tens of thousands. Most people are just not going to stop what they're doing to read a blog, but they will pick up a paper while eating a bagel.

PZGURU said...

Wordbones - you also get the benefit of riding the coattails of the Business Monthly (a very nice publication by the way), and advertising your blog in your little column.