Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ellicott City 5K

Yesterday, when I popped into the Little French Market in Ellicott City to satisfy my daily java fix, K2 told me about a five kilometer run that she and other local merchants were organizing for this spring.

The run will be held on the second Saturday in April, April 10th, presumably followed by another Second Sunday Market the next day. The course begins at Parking Lot C just below St. Paul’s Church and continues up New Cut Road to Hillsborough. At that point the runners will cut through Taylor Village to College Avenue and then back down to Lot C.

This is a very hilly but also very pretty route. I happen to think that New Cut Road is one of the most picturesque roads in the county. This may help take a runners mind off the fact that for about two thirds of this course they’ll be running uphill. Thankfully, the home stretch is all downhill.

This could be a great warm up race for those planning on running in Clyde’s 32nd Annual American 10K the following weekend (April 18th).

I’ll provide more details on this run as they become available in the coming weeks.


HowChow said...

Wordbones -- You presume that the Second Sunday market will return? Or the organizers are making plans and presume it will happen in April? I was just drafting a link when I realized that I might be jumping ahead of myself.

wordbones said...


I believe the Second Sunday Market will return, perhaps as early as March. The race organizers and the market organizers are one and the same.