Friday, September 30, 2011

Texting While Driving Fix

When Jim Robey’s bill banning texting while driving became law three years ago it had one major flaw. A driver could only be cited as a secondary offense meaning that the police had to have another primary reason for puling over a texting offender.

That has now been fixed.  As of tomorrow, texting while driving will become a primary offense in Maryland. According to this story by Ashley Halsey III in The Washington Post, “those caught texting can be fined $70 and receive one point toward suspension of a driver’s license. But if the action is judged to have caused an accident, the fine increases to $110 and the number of points to three.”

There is still a loophole however.

“Drivers who are using the Global Positioning System function in their mobile devices or who are sending a text message to the emergency 911 system are exempted from prosecution.”

I understand the 911 exemption but I’m not so sure I get the GPS exemption
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