Monday, September 05, 2011

The HoCo Metro Connection

When Tara Boyle asked me last week to be a “Door to Door” guest on Metro Connection I readily agreed. Tara, the managing producer of Metro Connection, told me that they had a late cancellation with another neighborhood and she was hoping I could fill in for Ellicott City.

After agreeing I had a brief moment of doubt as to whether I was actually qualified to speak for EC. Columbia is really my hometown. I have only been a homeowner in Ellicott City for six years so before the taping I retrieved my copy of “Ellicott City” by Janet Kusterer and Victoria Goeller for a little refresher on the old mill town.

I think it came off okay though I look a little awkward in the picture she used. It looks like I'm holding my hand to keep from slapping myself.

Tara is also a HoCo loco. She lives in the Columbia with her husband John who formerly authored the blog “Tell Your Neighbors.”
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