Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ellicott City Fall Festival

The good news is that, with temperatures predicted to be in the seventies on Saturday, it will be warm enough to enjoy a beer in the Tiber Alley beer garden at the annual Ellicott City Fall Festival. The bad news is that you might want to bring an umbrella. There is a 40% percent chance of showers on Saturday.

So what else is new? It seems as if we’ve had rain in the forecast every day since the rain train blew through HoCo almost two weeks ago.

At least you won’t have to worry about getting hit by a falling satellite. The latest prediction is for the tumbling space junk to fall to earth sometime late Friday night. Fox News has a nifty little tracking widget if you want to follow its progress. As I write this post it is somewhere over Brazil.

But I digress…

The Fall Festival will feature the aforementioned beer garden in Tiber Alley plus wine and beer gardens on Tongue Row and the Wine Bin parking lot. It will be a good day for beer lovers. Beginning today, The Phoenix Emporium is also beginning its roll out of Oktoberfest offerings.

And if you happen to see Stars Wars characters roaming the streets of the old mill town, don’t worry, it won’t necessarily mean that you’ve had too much. It’s just part of the festival.
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