Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mowers, Blowers, Basement Bars, and Indy Cars

As if the cooler wet weather wasn’t enough of a reminder of summers end, this weekend we spotted snow blowers lined up outside the Lowes store in Columbia, right next to the lawn mowers.

Yesterday afternoon I dropped into T-Bonz for pint. “Are you still planning on adding an outside patio?” I asked the bartender.

“Actually it’s a basement,” she replied. She told that they still plan to open a basement bar that will have a roll top door that can be opened on warm days. She said they were still working things out with the county.

That must be some work out. I first heard about these plans back in March of 2010.

On Sunday Momma Wordbones and I were guests at the St. John Properties Grand Prix party at the Maryland Science Center. While I can certainly empathize with those who experienced the equivalence of commuter hell during the days leading up to the race, I have to say that the turnout was pretty impressive. Even during the race, with the grandstands full, the inner harbor promenade was packed. Judging from what we saw, the downtown restaurants and hotels had to be happy. I suspect many of them are already looking forward to next year.
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