Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vote for Longfellow

This weekend I received an email from a “Mom of two Longfellow students” asking if I could help out their school. Longfellow Elementary is trying to become one of the top five finishers in the Avery Give Back to Schools contest. Though her small school (436 students) got a late start they’ve made an impressive run so far, rising from a ranking 2,200 to 211. The closest HoCo school to Longfellow is Atholton Elementary at 1,430.

This little school actually has an outside chance to make it and you have to admire their spunk. If they make it they win $10,000 in Avery school supplies and other prizes.

Although it doesn’t cost anything to vote, you do need to register at the website. That’s kind of a pain but once you do that you can vote every day until the contest ends on September 16th.

Go Eagles!
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