Sunday, September 04, 2011

Still in the Dark

According to an email I received last night from Courtney Watson, 572 people in HoCo are still without power, over a week since Irene.

I hope those folks got some of those elusive Nutri Grain bars. For those who didn’t the county has been providing MRE’s.

“At Glenwood Community center today, I talked with a single mom with two teenage sons and an elderly parent at her home in western Howard County. They went to restaurants for the first three nights at about $65 a night. On the fourth night, they started using the county’s supply of MRE. The Mom said the meals weren’t that bad and come with their own heating source.”
In her note Courtney also included this picture of the “bipartisan patrol” that went door to door in the Hollifield and Font Hill neighborhoods providing information on safe generator usage. I wonder if these two also gave tips on generator etiquette too?
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